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When it comes to starting any project, whether upholstering a simple sofa or making a beautiful dress , choosing the fabric is a crucial moment, as each fabric has its own beauty, but also has its functionality, advantages and disadvantages. Here, we are going to focus on nappa : a fabric that is well known to the public.

What is Napa?

Nappa is a synthetic leather . It is a synthetic waterproof fabric, which is developed using a PVC laminate that gives it resistance. The PVC is placed on a cotton and/or polyester fabric that offers malleability and comfort.

Do you already know the great advantages of this fabric?

There are several advantages in using napa in your projects, here are 4 specific benefits :

  1. It is a fabric that offers a sophisticated touch and is a more economical alternative compared to materials such as leather.

  2. It's highly versatile . This can be used to cover and upholster the most varied surfaces and furniture, due to its resistance , impermeability and also malleability of the fabric. At the same time, nappa offers a sophisticated and desirable finish. Therefore, it is normal to find nappa in the following objects: Accessories such as bags, fanny packs and cases; Coatings for decorative items - sofas, chairs, puffs, benches, desks, massage tables, cushions; Clothing - dresses, pants, etc. These days, we find synthetic nappa in a variety of colors and even textures, which really gives this fabric even more versatility.

  3. It is an easy maintenance material. Since nappa is a waterproof material, an advantage in itself, it makes the cleaning and sanitizing process much easier . Additionally, it tends not to fade or stain. All these elements make nappa an ideal fabric to be used in stretchers, hospital sofas, etc.

  4. From an ethical perspective, the use of nappa does not involve animal suffering unlike leather. Every year around 40 million animals are killed to feed the fur market.

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Till the Next Fabric!