5 tecidos para forrar os seus sofás - Texland

Are you unsure about what type of fabric you should choose to cover your sofa? These are the 5 ideal fabrics:

Sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture in any living room. They are an integral part of the decor of your space and should complement it. But a sofa is much more than that and is a central piece in the lives of most families. It is there that we sit in the most difficult moments or spend leisurely evenings with family. Associated with the sofa there is always a feeling of safe haven and comfort. 

Therefore, choosing the right fabric to cover your sofa is crucial to ensure its comfort, durability and decorative style. In this article, we leave you a short list of some of the best fabrics to cover your sofa :

Nappa: durable and easy maintenance

Nappa leather is a classic choice for sofas as it is durable, easy to clean and adds a luxurious feel to any living room. It is a fabric that comes in different colors and even different textures. However, as with any upholstery fabric, it is important to adjust the characteristics of the nappa to the needs of use, taking into account, for example, the thickness of the nappa and its resistance to abrasion.

Microfiber Fabric: Velvet

The microfiber fabric for upholstery includes velvety fabrics. This type of fabric has a good price-quality ratio. Choosing velvet for upholstery is a popular choice for covering sofas as it is very soft and pleasant to the touch.  Upholstery velvets like these are very resistant to abrasion, are easy to clean and most offer liquid-repellent properties which make them ideal stain-resistant fabrics for those with pets or children .

Fabric: Durable

Fabric upholstery fabric is another popular, high-strength option for use on sofas. It is easy to clean and easily maintains its characteristics over time. However, it can easily fade over time, especially if exposed to sunlight. 

Jacquard or damask fabric: Bold

This fabric offers a high degree of durability, comfort and diversity, with lots of options in colors, textures and patterns. Which makes it an ideal fabric for those looking for a bold style to cover armchairs, benches, ladies or sofas. 

Linen: Minimalist

Linen is also a good fabric option that is suitable for minimalist environments . However, it is not recommended for families with children or pets as it is particularly difficult to sanitize and clean. 

But remember, when choosing, always think about your specific needs, your cleaning needs and the environment where your sofa is located. It is important to adjust the characteristics of the fabric to the needs of use. At this online fabric store - Texland - we know that upholstering a sofa is a sustainable and affordable way of giving your furniture a new life, so when it comes to choosing the fabric we try to help you and thus be part of this process of sustainability. Our store has permanent support and we send free samples so you can buy without any fear of taking risks.

Tell us, if you want to cover your sofa, what fabric would you like and what colors would you use?