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What are the best fabrics for making tablecloths and napkins?

Tablecloths and napkins are kitchen and dining room essentials. Choosing the ideal fabric can make all the difference in its durability, comfort and even decoration. In general, your choice of fabric will depend on your budget, your needs and your personal preference.

The most common fabrics for tablecloths and napkins are: this plain minimate or this patterned minimate , linen like this one and cotton. Read below the advantages of each one of them!

Minimate fabrics

This minimate is a synthetic fabric made of polyester. It is a thin and light fabric, refined and easy to care for as it dries quickly. Its main characteristic is that it does not shrink a lot and is more water repellent compared to others. It is available in these patterns or these plain colors.

Cotton Fabrics

It is possibly the most popular fabric for tablecloths and napkins due to its durability and absorbency. Plus, it's easy to care for, maintain, and is a sturdy fabric. Cotton napkins are also known for being lightweight and smooth, perfect for everyday use.

Linen Fabrics

This linen and cotton blend is another fabric that is often used for tablecloths and napkins. It is highly durable and resistant and is even more absorbent than cotton. However, it tends to be a more expensive fabric.

Here at Texland you will be able to find all these fabrics to be able to make personalized tablecloths and napkins, to your taste and according to the decoration of each of the spaces where they will be used. If you are simply looking for a fabric to protect your table, try this table protector .

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